Friday, August 14, 2015

Still Kicking

Yes, I'm still here.
Today I finished six weeks of Special Ed. Summer School.  I have three short weeks to do all the things I should have been doing for my farm and to get ready for fall sheep festivals.
Next weekend Jim Baldwin is coming and we'll shear the 34 lambs born in the coldest of coldest winters in my life anywhere.  They are beautiful and I'm anxious to play with their gifts.  There is a surprise lamb who appeared one day along side her mother last month.  I call her Summer, of course.  She is delightful.  What a difference to have a lamb born in beautiful, warm weather.  The Parkinsons are coming to help shear.  Worming and vaccinations have to be done.  The rams and goat bucks have to go into their pen behind the barn.  It's smaller but they have a silo room to bed down in and a lovely view of the piney ridge.   I don't want any February/March births this winter!   I have to get this done before school starts again and the weather turns.  There is so much to tell but it will have to come in short bursts.  I own a cow and her name is Coco. Long story I will tell sometime soon.  She came with two baby bulls who are the cutest things you've ever seen.  So now I am a dairy woman, milking by hand twice a day - 6 am and 6 pm.  I love the milk and make yogurt and mozzarella with it.   Hard cheese is next.  I'm tied to the farm more than ever, if that is possible.