Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holly Joins our Family

We have a new puppy - a Rottweiler/Lab mix named Hollyberry. AJ and Mia, my 26 year old twins, came to visit me at my school the Friday before Christmas. Little did I know they were on their way to the SPCA down the road from where I work. That night they presented me with Holly. She and her litter were found on the side of the road somewhere at an incredibly young age. I can't begin to imagine the misery that accompanied that insane act of irresponsibility. Holly is 10 weeks old today and her feet have barely touched the floor, she is so adored. Rottweilers are herding dogs, so let's hope she decides to help with the sheep. If not, another great big lovable doggie friend is welcome at Maggie's Farm.

Lamb/Kid Sweater Coat

I have been sending the pattern for my Lamb/Kid/Puppy sweater to a few people on Spin List. I thought I would post a picture on my blog to show everyone what the sweater will look like. This is Dallas Alice, who comes from Brooks Farm in Dallas, Texas, and her brand new kid. This tiny baby was kept toasty warm by his hand spun sweater. Dallas, a very attentive mom, didn't mind the covering one bit. The cape over the back keeps warmth in while allowing room for mom to nuzzle the newborn.

Anyone wanting the pattern can email me.