Sunday, March 01, 2015

Piggies Thriving

Not to worry - the piggies are not being neglected with the onset of lambing.  My regimen of a giant pan of warm slop twice a day along with lots of fresh hay is making the piggies fat and happy.  They spend their days slurping up slop, playfully chasing the chickens who try and take advantage of the slop, and napping in their bed of hay.  The piggies are putting on weight and spouse is already talking about the inevitable day when they will go to visit Miss Tammy.  Last year he was in the hospital when the fateful day arrived.  Mary and Robert Jordan stepped in to lend a hand before Scarlett and Sue Ellen took over the farm.  They were pretty much running things by June at eight months.  I plan on keeping Natasha, the only female, forever and ever.  Spouse doesn't know about this, but then, he never reads this journal so my secret should be safe for now.

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