Sunday, March 01, 2015

No New Lambs This Morning - Yet

I went out at 2 am and nothing going on.  Moms and lambs resting in the seven maternity pens occupied.  Margot still won't let Sandy nurse, so I gave her a "hug" and let him have a drink.  Tip toed to the way back and all quiet.  Phew!  I had decided I would bring any lambs I found forward and get mom in the morning light if I had to. I checked on all the lambs in the pens.  Had given them a selenium shot before coming inside.  Our soil has zero selenium, a nutrient necessary for good health and we have to supplement.  Lack of selenium in lambs can cause White Muscle Disease which I don't want.  Lambs would get hunched over and miserable.  With all this work, expense and trouble I want them to be big and bouncy.  No new lambs this morning..  Big black mom with big black twins is a bit out of it this morning.  Gave her Banamine - feel good sheep drug - and a hefty dose of vitamin B complex along with oral vitamins.  She likes her twins, fortunately, and is letting them nurse.  She talks to them and they appear to have found the teats.  Not sure how much she is able to give the monsters so I'm supplementing with a bottle.  So sweet to hold them in my arms and listen to the rhythmic sucking on the ba-boo.  I hope I don't have any real bottle lambs who rely completely on the bottle.  Milk replacer is ridiculously expensive.  What a racket - all it is is powdered whey, a by-product of cheese making, with added vitamins.  A 50 pound bag is up to $100.   Many shepherds keep dairy goats for that purpose.  I do, but my Nubians will not give birth for a while yet.  Don't want to think too much about that now.  Have to talk spouse into building me a milking stand first.  On deck for today - cutting out lavender hearts for Mia's friend's bridal shower, making hand creme for orders, and cooking up some Anise soap.  This is a tall order considering what is going on in the barn.  We'll see how it goes... 

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