Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Good Things

Some good things that happened today, in no particular order:

There was a delayed opening in my school so I didn't feel too much guilt about calling in "sheep."
I found a lovely black ram lamb, born to first time black mother and a beautiful white ewe lamb, born to a ewe who is at least ten years old, maybe more.  They are both feeding their babies.
I got both moms into the maternity ward without having to use the leg crook and lasso.
I managed to load the dishwasher with three days worth of dishes (the Irish faeries never showed up).
I made a batch of anise soap.  I love anise soap.
I found a little ram lamb in the hay feeder in the way back.  He was quiet as a church mouse.  Mom was standing close by and only made a noise when I picked him up.  Got them into the maternity ward where the inn is full up.  They are living in the middle aisle with another mom from this morning.
Chores took me from 5 pm to 9:30.  I got some nifty hay feeders Gerry rigged in the maternity ward.  All the pens will be taken down soon to let the moms and lambs mingle in a kindergarten.  Will make my life MUCH easier when I have one hay feeder and one water source.   I sure hope the mommies can cope tonight because I am going horizontal for a while.  Spouse is going to call me from his hotel to wake me up at 5 am.
Why would anyone want to work SO hard on a sheep farm, devoting so much time and money on having lambs born all time of the day and night?  Because it's wonderful, that's why.

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