Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lavender Hearts

No lambs landed this afternoon so I was able to finish Mia's lavender hearts.  She needs them for a bridal shower in New Jersey in two weeks.  I had the soap made but had not been able to get around to cutting out the hearts.  They will be wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon.  The soap came out very nice with a good lather.  I rolled the scraps around the hearts into lavender balls for a gift for the bride, a lovely girl who has been a good friend to Mia for years.   After all the excitement of yesterday with lambs being born in the severe cold and building pens to house them, this was a welcome break.  I still have an extra seven maternity pens to tend to, along with an extra 14 water and feed bowls.  Lambs have to be watched for signs of hunger, or chilling.  Moms have to be watched to make sure they are up to doing their job.  Are they talking to the babies?  Are they letting them nurse?  Some concerns are the lambs with the frozen ear tips - which are still cold to the touch.  The big black mama is a bit out of sorts.  I gave her some meds to help her along.  The lambs are wonderfully healthy, nursing from her, and being supplemented by me with a bottle.  Young Sandy has sharp teeth again after having been filed down two days ago.  No wonder she lurches when he latches on....he's a vampire lamb!  Tomorrow night I will start banding tails and balls.  Not my favorite thing to do but it's got to be done for long range happiness.  Wether sheep can stay with the girls forever and ever without making a nuisance of themselves.  Long tails catch manure and attract flies.  Not good.  It's up to me to do the nasty jobs for delayed gratification.

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