Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cold Ducks

This time of year is especially hard on my ducks.  There are no puddles for them to play in and the earth worms have gone deep under the ground.  Ducks need ample water to preen themselves and keep pretty.  The sheep are very thirsty and drink all the water in their hanging buckets - placed high up so the ducks can't ruin the water - and the ducks are left wanting.  I put out water for them twice a day but they have to compete with the free range chickens.  Most of my ducks are males, and are not really doing anything for me other than to amuse and entertain me.  I love ducks.  They parade around the barnyard so prettily and make cute quacking noises.  I am going to order more ducklings in the spring, all females, as I adore duck eggs.  I brought some into school and the students were afraid to eat them.  When I cooked the eggs without telling them they were from ducks there was no problem.  Interesting.  I only have one Swedish Blue duck left.  My other two were taken by the fox that I think is still lurking around.  They insisted on living in the driveway where they had no protection from the White Boys.  I remember the night Madame Fox came to visit.  I heard a terrible cry and ran outside.  Her partner hissed at me as she was still terrified at what happened to her friend.  I tried to follow the fox through the burdock around that side of the barn, but it was pitch black dark and I knew it was futile.  Ducks are  cliqueish and run in gangs that are very territorial.  I have the barn ducks, the hay mow ducks, and the driveway ducks.  If two gangs run into each other there is a big fuss.  

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