Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

The build up is very stressful but the result is sublime.  The week long Secret Santa ritual was over, and staff members received their gifts.  My gifts are very predictable, but that's okay.  Soap is the gift that keeps on giving, right?  When we were released for the Christmas holiday I started preparing for my trip to Maine to spend a few days with Eric, Annie, Luke and Hannah.  Mia was driving up from New Jersey on Christmas Eve with Captain AJ due to arrive Christmas Night.  I got all my gifts together for a marathon wrapping session that lasted into the wee hours.  The kitties  kept me company.  They love all the rustling of papers and snipping of scissors.  I had not picked up enough wrapping paper and decided to use my old stand-by wrap, the NY Times.  I was delighted at how many colored illustrations the Times included in the issues I never had time to read.   I got the job done and loaded up to head for Maine.  Matt graciously offered to stay home and take care of the farm while building my workshop cabinets.  How could I refuse?  I would not have to worry about a farm sitter letting the pipes freeze, or forgetting a chore.  I was ready to go but the weather was not cooperating.  I drove to Maine with the wipers on high the entire trip.  Eric and the kids were waiting on the steps when I finally pulled in.  I was in heaven.

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