Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Annie's Socks

Annie has been knitting socks since the kids were little.  She uses impossibly thin needles and the socks can be worn in regular shoes, compared to the boot type socks that I make.  Annie's socks are precision-perfect.  The little kiddie socks Luke wore when he visited me were so adorable I used to hang them on the Christmas tree before I surrendered them back to Annie.  When I visited Eric, Annie and gang for Christmas Annie was repairing old socks.  She cuts off the worn bottoms and knits new ones on to the cuffs.  Positively brilliant.  I have a hand-knitted sock fetish.  I adore them and collect them.  I'm privileged to know several master sock knitters including Kim Parkinson, Henya Kazatchkov and, Sockladyspins Herself, Lynne Rettberg.  I believe hand knit socks have magic powers they impart to the wearer.  They look so good with my Danskos.  I'm downright snobbish about my hand knit socks.  If you want me to love you forever, knit me a pair of socks.

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