Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Feed Mill

I journey through the Brookfield State Forest to the Louis Gale Feed Mill in Waterville at least twice a month.  I get a much better deal on egg layer and cracked corn if I buy it in 100 pound sacks, almost half the price of the local feed stores.  I don't feed a lot of grain, as I truly believe wild forage and good hay is the best for sheep and goats.  I tell people who ask to think of grain as chocolate candy bars.   The goats are very clever.  If they come back in the barn before the big fat sheep they will get a treat of cracked corn.  I put it on top of the minerals to make sure they get their vitamins.  If I put down a pan of corn I just might catch that limper I've been after, or grab a goat for shearing.  Every shepherd has her own way of managing her flock.  Some have more resources than others.  We do what we can to get the job done.

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