Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sheep Trails

When I walk over the land with the dogs and kitties we follow the sheep trails.  The sheep know where the ground hog holes are.  They take the best route over the hills and dales, nooks and crannies, to get where they want to go.  I'm sure major traffic arteries have grown out of the clever directional instincts of livestock.  The bright colors of autumn have gone from the hills around my farm but the yellow birch leaves are hanging on for a few more days.  I love the various hues of browns and tans that will remain until covered in snow.  I decided to start feeding hay today.  There is still grass on the ground for the flock, but I want to be sure they have enough.  Winter means a step-up in activity on the farm.  I'll have to get up earlier, suit up for the cold, but wear layers so I can take something off once I start sweating, and climb the ladder to the hay mow where I'll fork down breakfast and dinner.  Dry hay and no pond means filling up the hanging water buckets.  I can't use big tanks or the chickens and ducks will get in them and soil the water.  I don't even want to think about the lambs I've lost in water tanks...I'll still let the flock out to graze, but as the land is covered up with drifts our lives will center around the barn.  We have to get the barn cleaned out.  When the black gold is spread over the land it will seep into the soil and make the spring grass thick and green.  I inquired about buying fertilizer but was astounded by the price.  No need here,  with two feet of fertilizer provided by my four footed friends.

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