Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Annie said she was coming to pick up her van but I didn't believe her at first.  She had been in Maryland for ten days sitting with her sick father and I didn't think she really wanted to get back on the highway again.  Her VW Westphalia camper had broken down when she and Hannah picked up Luke from the farm last summer.  She got two miles away and had to hike back to the farm.  They got back to Maine in a rented car and the camper was towed to a guy who knows how to fix them in Marcy.  The camper has no heat and they had to get it back to Maine before the weather got bad.  They arrived Saturday night and we had a big dinner of Luke's favorite baked beans, marshmallow yams, roast ham, fresh pork roast and corn.  For Hannah's sake I had nothing green what so ever.  Hannah hates green leafy food.  We chatted and got caught up on each other's news.  I don't see enough of my Eric, as he is very busy heading up the Pine Tree Council in Portland, Maine.  He has been wildly successful in revitalizing the district and I'm so happy for him.  Sunday morning we had Swedish pancakes and then they were gone, as quickly as they came.   They had to get back to their pets at home.  I resent these lightning visits as I always feel like we didn't have enough time together but I'm thankful they all came to see me.  Annie is very happy to have her van back.

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