Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hidden Treasures

 My chickens are all free ranging now.  I have bins on top of the rabbit cages for them to lay eggs in but only a handful of chickens are cooperating with that arrangement.  I have to hunt around the barn and barnyard to find breakfast.  Yesterday I happened upon a clutch of eggs along the driveway.   Contrary to popular belief, eggs don't have to be immediately refrigerated.  They are good for weeks in room temperature.  I did, however, give this batch to the kitties for a treat.  I'll have to catch as many hens as I can to put them back in the chicken room before the winter snows come.  I remember Matt and I scrambling through snow banks to catch a mother hen and lone chick she managed to hatch a couple of winters back.  Much easier to take care of everybody in one enclosed room.

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