Saturday, November 01, 2014


A colleague gave me a stack of old wallpaper sample books.  I'm always looking for ways to use these wonderful gifted materials in my art classes.  They are free and challenge me to come with ideas to put them to good use.    We have a large wall on the landing in the middle of my wing which was filled with my wild elephant mural for many months.  It was time to let the elephants go home to their respective artists and come up with another big project.  I decided to have the students make snowy owls out of torn pieces of wallpaper.  They did such a fantastic job.  The challenge then turned to how to display the crafty owls?  We decided to build a large tree out of brown craft paper.  The result was perfect.  The owls have branches to roost on and we filled up our space magnificently.  My art aide, Fawn, had a great idea.  She suggested we go to the cemetery across the street and do some grave stone rubbings.  We took some older students over there and did some exploring.  To our delight we found the original colonial settlers of the land our school was built on.  Our art project turned into a foray into local history.  The rubbings added a Halloween element to our wall.  We've had many positive comments from staff.

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