Friday, January 03, 2014

Ten Below

Okay, it's cold.  The propane tank froze just as I got my turkey carcass simmering nicely last night.  I put the top on and let it stay warm all night.  This morning I washed my hands and peeled away all the meat from the bones and gave the gelatinous gnarly parts to the doggies.  Not much fat as I separated that before I made the soup.  Lots of carrots from the bag Annie sent home with me from Maine along with several big onions and celery.  I filled up my little freezer and then some.  A survivalist would be proud of me.  This is the lean time of year as there is no farmer's market and no wool shows to prop us up.  The thermometer said minus ten at eight this morning.  It's 18 F. in the barn.  I carry lots of warm water to melt the icy layers in the water buckets.  Sheep like to eat snow, but not so the goats, chickens, dogs, ducks and rabbits.  I'll need to carry more firewood in from the silo room, too.  Don't know why specifically but all I want to do is lie down on the sofa.  I have an inquiry about a knitting tote but the customer would like to see pictures of the fabrics I have available and my camera is broken.  I think carrying it around next to my skin has hurt the lense which won't focus.  I am hard on cameras and cell phones, just ask Mia who has replaced both several times.  Mia is in the islands now with her boyfriend.  She picked a good time to go but I hope she can get back with the airports closed.  AJ is on his way to Nashotah House, a monastery in Wisconsin, for a spiritual seminar.  I don't think he's quite equipped clothing-wise for that trip.  With temps going up on Monday all we have to do is hold on for a couple of days.  The weatherization group is having their holiday dinner tomorrow.  I'm glad I have some bars of soap and some creme left for gifts.  They come in very handy indeed.  I'm having so much fun giving the bottom of the slop buckets to the sheep.  I swear it has put new life into Lilly, who I feared would freeze this winter in her bag of bones.  Several of her old girlfriends have joined her at the fence where I hold up the buckets.  Good thing there is a fence as I know those rowdy ladies would swamp me and knock me down.  I love it.

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