Sunday, January 19, 2014


The hillside is sleeping under the snow, waiting to wake up when the temps and daylight intensifies.    This see-saw winter has us all confused.  The ducks are teased with the periodic surfacing of juicy earthworms who dive back underground when it gets colder.  The sheep don't seem to mind life in the barn.  The door is open and they can go out anytime they want, but they tend to lie around on the ample hay pack, waiting for their dinner to fall down into the feeders from the hay mow.  I think my farm is very beautiful in the snow.  Temps are diving significantly this coming week and we'll be feeding the beast continuously to keep this little apartment warm.  All the sheep and goats have good coats of wool and mohair. The bunny mommies are in the heated milk room with a whole bunch of barn cats who are huddled around the dye stove.  The White Boys are in the barn with the sheep, out of the wind, with their beds of wool to sleep on.  Old Thor is happy to lay his old bones on a soft fleece inside an old water tank.   Every night they get to run around the farm, spraying their awesome essence on the perimeter to warm the varmints away.  Then they are back to sleep, waiting for their hot meal in the evening.  We've had a party to go to every weekend for the last three weeks -  a lot of fun with fantastic food and company, but always with my mind back on the farm.  We are usually the first to leave, anxious to get back and check on the animals.  It's just the way things are.  The Fur Ball is coming up and they've asked me for another Maggie'sFarm basket full of goodies for the live auction.   I'm looking for just the right basket but can't find one as classy as the vintage dark wicker one I found at The Key in Cazenovia last year.  Wish I had time to run to New Jersey, to Martha Dreswick's Stangl Factory farm market in Flemington where she sells her fabulous traditional baskets.  I use them in my booth and can't say enough about them.  We'll see...

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