Thursday, January 02, 2014

Snowed In

Spouse took my truck into work in Syracuse.  The secretary of his little non-profit who lives 15 minutes from the office called to say she was scared to drive in.  Spouse was not sympathetic and told her to get going.   He lives an hour plus from the office out in the boonies and is going in.  I guess that's why he is management.  I could never be in administration.  I would tell everybody to stay home where they are safe.  My truck has new Wrangler snows on it and I know he'll get there....but really?  Couldn't all six of them just stay home today?  Not my call.  I got cat/dog food last night and the NY Times.  Power is on and there's a big stack of wood next to the stove.  There is also a big stack of fabric calling to me.  A customer got in touch wanting a messenger tote.  I'm down to two and neither is a messenger.  Good reason to start sewing.  This is the time when I have a reality check on product.  Sixteen weeks to Maryland Sheep and Wool...that means three totes a week to have what I would like to display in my booth.  I don't think wool will be a problem.  I already have too much in the pipeline.  My booth is only so big.  The sheep are growing lovely fleeces for me right now.  My only problem is marketing it better.  Kimmie Cornerstone and I can only spin so much.  Plans for this coming year include giving some fiber to Dreamweaver to spin into yarn.  Not everyone spins or felts and there is a market for mill-spun yarn.  This is a perfect day to make soup.  I have a turkey carcass in the refrigerator begging to be made into soup.  Oh, do I love it, and oh, how spouse hates it.  Still can't figure out how someone who lives to make home made soup - I was raised on it - can be married to someone who would rather open a can of factory soup.  Yuck.  I will still put the bones on to simmer.  It keeps me going and really helps the food budget.  Yesterday's NY Times has a great article about raising pigs on pasture in Virginia.  I have the perfect land for it.  Spouse says no way, that pigs are dangerous, yada, yada, yada.  Fantasies are free aren't they?  In the meantime Scarlet and Sue Ellen are happy in their long, dry run in the barn.  I can feed them much easier and be sure they are warm and safe in the hay hut they build for themselves.  I better get out there.  I know they are doing Mommy Feed Me Snorty Dance right now.

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