Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Bunnies

I tidied up the rabbit cages in the milk room and hosed the floor today.   I have one mom with three babies and another hopefully expectant mother next to her.  Not taking any chances of them freezing.  I have two bucks out in the barn in their hanging cages, which are sooo much easier to take care of.  I'll be happy when the moms are out there too, but not with temps diving sub zero.  I haven't had English Angoras in a while, and am wondering where these speckles came from.   Mom is a high-dollar bunny from a well-known breeder, who came to me from a home that couldn't keep her due to family issues.  Have to consult with my Bunny Guru friend, Kimmie Cornerstone.  She knows all things bunny, from who has them, what they are doing with them, what they look like, etc.  I dwell in blissful solitude and do my own thing with my fibers.  I did get some wool washed today, before my drains freeze again.  This fleece is buttery soft wool and is just fine after being slept on by cats.  I have more wool out there waiting to be sorted.  Better get it done before shearing in just a few short weeks.

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