Monday, January 27, 2014


A tree coated with heavy ice has rubbed on the telephone wire to my barn and turned off my telephone and internet reception.  Our "Frontier" phone company (aptly named) has promised to come out and fix it today, however, it is not yet fixed.  The weekend was spent focusing on things other than my online connections, which took some getting used to.  I don't have a "smart" phone and rely on the computer for everything.  Thankfully, I have a computer in school, but Facebook is blocked.  It's not blocked for students, but it is for staff.  Oh, well.  Fortunately I don't need Facebook to communicate with my farm animals.  They are right there.  I went to a student's baby shower on Saturday, way off in Morris, down a hollow, in the snow.  I had a great time and felt good to have been teaching long enough here to have a student graduate and start a family, and have her want me there to celebrate with her family and friends.  Luckily I made it home okay, back to my wood stove and my critters.  A current student came out to work in the barn on Sunday.  He did a fantastic job of scraping the barn floor where I walk back and forth with pig slop, chicken feed, kitty stew, etc.  Funny how a small improvement can perk me up.  I've started to sew again and am shipping out some dyed Rambouillet and mohair to the mill today.  It's been snowing all day outside my classroom window but the sun is shining now.   The temp was a balmy 25 last time I checked but another cold week is ahead of us.  Wood and hay are holding out so far.  Off I go...

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