Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Musings

A dichotomy...CNN shows a picture of a marvelous miracle - a ten foot squid - discovered two thousand feet down off the coast of Japan - something rarely seen if ever.  They cut to a fishing boat off the coast of California, where fisherman are capitalizing on a run of squid in a krill-rich environment.  They are yanking them out of the sea, with the squid squirting ink and fighting to protect themselves from the predator.  No wonder the sight of a ten foot long squid is so rare.  Humankind is so ridiculously selfish and ignorant.   I remember sitting on the dock at my mother's family cabin on Lake Sinclair in central Georgia.  Uncle Fred was piercing the foot of a live frog with a fishing hook to use it for bait.  I asked him why he was doing that.  He replied that God gave men the earth to use for their own satisfaction.  I could never quite reconcile this.  I prefer the Native American philosophy of coexistence, of the Earth as a Mother, nurturing the resources instead of depleting them.  That theme is echoed in Judaism and other religions.  How did Christians get it wrong?    On deck for around the farm.  So much gets away from me during the week.  It seems like getting myself to school, coming back, getting dinner together, then getting dinner for countless animals, then making sure I get myself to bed in time to read to get enough rest, is quite enough for one day.  I have to step it up real soon and do more at night.  Shearing time will be here soon and I still haven't sorted the pile from last shearing.  The list goes on and on and it's all up to me.  Nobody is telling me what I have to do or how to do it.  It's all up to me.  I spoke with Mia yesterday.  She sounded happy and that means a lot to me.  Father Aaron is working with his soldiers at Fort Irwin in the California desert.  Eric should be back from a convention in Las Vegas, where he spent some time with his brother the priest.  Yes, God is even in Las Vegas, where He is very much needed.  The sun is coming out on this ridiculously warm day.  The snow is melting and the mud is back.  Oh, God, what is happening to our Earth?  Have we done so much wrong to it that we have ruined everything for ourselves?  Will you forgive us?

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