Saturday, January 26, 2013

Perking Up

Spent some time in the back of the barn emptying the big water trough I use as a hay feeder.  The goats like to use it for a bed, which beats down the hay.  I fork down fresh hay, which the sheep eat, then the goats get on it and beat more down.  Every couple of days I scoop it out to the bottom and start over.  The sheep anticipate this routine and wait for the all the little leaves and sticks which have been cooked by the sleeping goats.  I mound it in piles around the floor and they gather around them munching away.  Tonight I'll fill the trough again.  I was very worried about my precious Lilly last night.  She's terribly thin and I brought home some apples for her and her very aged mother, who is incredibly spry for her advanced age of 14, or more.   I noticed to my horror that Lilly was coughing a little, and only took a token nip at the apple, letting the stronger sheep push her away.   With being a bit down for the count myself I was getting through chores as quickly as I could to get back in the warmth.  It's important to spend time with my sheep to notice the little things.   I caught her with the leg crook and gave her a shot of LA200 with a good dose of NutriDrench.  I was almost afraid to go out there this morning, but had to check on her.  She was in the way back and made her characteristic dart forward when she saw me coming.  I saw her eating hay - always a good sign - and feel much better.  Will give her another shot tonight.  I bet it was pneumonia, which she had several years ago.  My barn is open and gets enough fresh air, but this severe cold is hard on everyone.  Little Duvall wouldn't take his bottle this morning and has a bit of scours.  Offered it to him a little while ago and he took a few sucks but stopped.  Something is going on with him.  I recently vaccinated and wormed him.  Something is going on.  He's a runty fall born twin to Robert.  I do like the little guy, and his brother is very handsome.  Back out to the barn.  I made a delicious pot of mushroom and beans over rice for a late lunch.  Heated up the apartment nicely.  Tried to run a wash in the milk room but the drain was frozen and it flooded.  Have to remember to check the drain first.  Am very much hoping my  new washer with a better drain will be operational tomorrow.  One can only hope.

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