Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I hate pills.  I mean, I really hate pills.  My hatred of pills has served me well over the years.  I try to stay healthy so I don't have to take pills.  Lately, due to scolding from Nurse Tanya, my NP, and my daughter, Mia, another NP, I take vitamin pills, calcium pills (I am shrinking) and an aspirin to keep my blood slipping freely through the valves.  I brew a big cup of strong coffee mixed with hot foamy milk, just like Annie taught me to do it.  Homemade cappucino,  Hmmmmm, good, and it sends those nasty pills right where they are supposed to go.  There is one pill I will never take, and that is a happy pill.  They don't work anyway.  I have a few dozen happy pills out in the barn.  I'm headed out to take care of them right now.   It's dark, cold and clammy out there, but there are many smiles for me waiting in the barn.  

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