Monday, February 25, 2013

Fiber Kitties

When I spread my luscious Bluefaced Leicester wool, or exquisitely luxurious angora rabbit fiber, out to dry the temptation for the kitties to lie down in it is too much for them to resist.  They look so beautiful in the magenta and deep salmon fiber it's hard for me to shoo them away.  Maybe their body heat will help dry the wetness.  The fiber I dry in the apartment dries much more quickly due to the intense dry heat of the wood stove.  I have to pack it all up when I go to work in the morning and put it out again when I get home. I can't risk the dogs or cat jumping up and kicking it on the floor.  Every hair is precious and vital to the well-being of my farm.  I have several black fleeces I will take to see in Maryland in May.  All the black fleeces I took to Rhinebeck sold there.  I have enough carded fiber to last another ten years.  You never know when you might need hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters or socks.  Never enough socks...

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