Thursday, February 28, 2013


Have been picking, washing, cooking, washing again and setting out to dry fleece after fleece of my lovely Bluefaced Leicester wool.   I've just about gotten through all the white fleeces.  Ran out of Jacquard dyes tonight.  They are very expensive and take a week to get them from Dharma in California.  I think I can finish the three - four runs I have planned with some Rit purple.   It's not Jacquard but it's local.   Have to get the wool out to the mill next week in order to get it back for Maryland Sheep and Wool.   Haven't even started my farm taxes due March 17.  I need to clone myself.  Stayed out in the barn until 10:30 pulling bags of fleeces out of the piles.  Have to get an Amish carpenter in here to build some shelves with doors for my wool.  I loose some every year due to not being stored properly.   Spouse is a carpenter who does not want to carpent any longer.  Says he is interested in other things.  Just my luck.   Note to self - don't feed spouse his fabulous evening meal until chores are done.   I was up in the mow trying to roll a round bale over to the hole and could not budge it.  Called him on the phone but he didn't pick up.  Probably didn't hear it due to the fact that he was snoring loudly on the sofa.  A weird scenario went through my mind.  I fall down the hay hole and am lying on my back, stunned.  I reach for my cell in the Cradle of Civilization and call inside.  No answer.  He's holding down the couch.   When I realize I can't move my legs I call 911.  The local rescue people find me in the barn, and spouse comes staggering out, yawning and stretching.   OH, well.  Treated myself to Cheerios and milk, with a banana even.  The sheep didn't get enough hay tonight due to the fact that I couldn't get the bale rolled and tipped, which makes unraveling so much easier.  Will have to wait until morning.  I have three more weeks worth.  I have to call Julia and make sure she knows we want her cutting and baling services this spring.  It's right around the corner.   I noticed someone picking up the wet, moldy bales across the road.  Can't believe what some people feed their cows around here.  If you saw the hay the poor animals are forced to eat you wouldn't drink the milk.  It's a sad life for cows and as long as people like me enjoy milk so much it will continue.  We drank a whole gallon this past weekend - two people.  Ghastly.  Wish I could quit that habit but soy just doesn't make it.  Was hoping I would be drinking goat milk but Fancy and Matilda didn't like my angora goat bucks.  Will have to find a Nubian boy friend for them.  Enough prattling I have to bed down.  Sure hope my aide comes back to school tomorrow.  I was hopping around like a jack rabbit  today.  Took me almost an hour to wash all the brushes, scrape the paint back into the bottles and scrub the tables.  A colleague was 50 years old today, and my student shared the birthday as well.  Made them a big carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  They were both thrilled and loved the soap I gave them.  My student was so proud of the two bars wrapped in red ribbon and couldn't wait to show his mother.  Gave me warm fuzzies.  Much Special Ed. paperwork to do.   I'm like butter spread too thin over toast.  

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