Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Baby

Finally home after stops at four places.  It is unavoidable some days. Out of checks - stop at bank to order more.  Post office to mail bills and Colorscape contract.  Stewarts to pick up NY Times (Thursday is my favorite issue) and Dollar General because it has the cheapest Friskies salmon cat food.  Home to check the barn first thing for new babies - nothing going on.  Little ones look fine.  Mommies want food but will have to wait.  Doggies waiting to go out.  Took them up the big hill to drink out of the pond/take a swim, then back down to find a new buck kid just born.  Gorgeous dark brown boy born to my beautiful badger doe Sheila, an older doe who hasn't kidded in years.  She is aged and I was concerned, but he is feisty and healthy, and was looking for the teat straight off.  Mom's udder is working fine and producing plenty of milk for him.  After chores, which are much more lengthy with all the various pens for lambs and kids, we built more pens to keep moms with their babies separate from the rest.  The black boy born yesterday is very  beautiful, and his skinny little black mom adores him.  Always a better situation when mom is on board.  In from chores at nine thirty with the sunset sky still pink on the horizon.  Lovely, breezy cool night.  I have not yet caught up from Maryland Sheep and Wool and confess this birthing business has taken a toll.  Ready for night-night right now.  Might have to give in.  If only I was as obsessive about my housekeeping as I am about my animals.

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