Saturday, April 07, 2012

Quick Dry

The very windy, blustery, sunny weather continues - perfect for drying wool if you can keep it from flying away.  The welded wire length of fence seems to be working okay, but there are little tuffs of red all over the barnyard - mostly second cuts (ouch!) and short pieces.  It was so windy while putting out the fiber that I had to hold the bin up against me and stuff the wool under the wire or it would blow right out of my hand.  The wind buffeted the wool very nicely and it dried in a couple of hours.  This is the Lipstick run that was so popular a couple of years ago.  I tried to reproduce it but mistakenly put some royal blue in it and the customers didn't like it so much.  This time I'll leave it pink and red.  I have two giant pots of Kim's lovely French angora dyed Bright Fushia to blend with the Fire Red.  That should make for a luscious Lipstick yarn.  The mill wants to fiber by April 16 to be ready for Maryland.  That means I have to ship it on the 13th.  Good thing I have this windy weather to get it dry.

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