Saturday, April 14, 2012

Now You See Her, Now You Don't

She can't come very often due to her career obligations, but when she comes she makes such an impact on our lives that leaves me wondering if I was dreaming.  Sure, it stinks to get sick on my vacation but with Mia here to take care of us all it's not as bad as it might be.  She's just so much fun and I love to hear all the news from New Jersey and the hospital scene, with all her nurse girlfriends and their colorful lives.  Mia left last night and is back at work on the ward today, leaving happiness in her wake.  On deck for me today...Vanilla soap making and playing with mohair.  I've shipped 200 pounds of beautiful dyed wool to the mill, to be returned in time to haul it to Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I have a lot of black/gray mohair, which dyes beautifully, taking on many different hues.  I might not have time for shipping to the mill and back, but I can take it to Md. to give it to someone there.  I had some yarn mill spun a while back, but it costs a fortune and just doesn't give me the same thrill as Kimmie Cornerstone's hand spun.  That girl is a spinning demon when it comes to producing gorgeous, artsy, sturdy hand spun yarn that makes mill spun looking boring with no character.  I have a wash tub full of luscious black mohair right now, that I picked last night after Mia left.  When I miss my kids I turn to my animals and my crafts to fill the void.  There's a price to pay for living up here in the hills of northern Appalachia and one must deal with it the best way she can.

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