Monday, October 19, 2015

Yarn Pockets

My "Yarn Pockets" seem to be taking off.  They are my alternative to the expensive ceramic yarn bowls that are so popular right now.  Ceramic bowls would not last long in my house.  One swish of Bertha's tail and there goes $80-$90 bucks.  I make fabric bowls to match my Bundaflicka Knitting Totes and the patrons are catching on.  They are great for keeping your knitting tidy inside a larger tote instead of the ubiquitous but vulgar plastic shopping bags.  Yuck!  I store sewing notions inside mine and have several on the shelf.  Mia keeps her make up inside a Yarn Pocket in her bathroom...but then Mia has always been very clever and neat about her things.

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