Monday, October 19, 2015

Farmhouse Goat Milk Soap Blocks

It's hard for people to wrap their heads around my Farmhouse Blocks.  They look at them curiously and ask "What is this?"  I explain how I collect all the end pieces and trimmings of my big blocks of soap and put them in a pot.  When the pot is full I melt them down and pour the soap into cardboard boxes.  This process takes several days with much mashing and scraping of the sides of the pot, being careful not to suck up the scorching fumes.  I love the way they look, each one different and interesting, with bits of soap throughout.  Even though the soap has been boiled for several days there is a lovely lingering scent of all the various mingling essential oils.  This is the best soap I have to offer, as "milled" soap is harder, denser, and creamier than other soap.  People use them for felting and bathing.  

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